2019 Series

The Dragon and the Lamb

Getting to grips with the book of Revelation

Rev Richard Bentley


Frequently another prediction for the Second Coming comes - and goes. YouTube has videos predicting the next date, with calculations based on blood moons and jubilee years, and Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind books have provided a neat timeline for the end times. But is any of this actually in the Bible? What does the Book of Revelation really say about the Second Coming?

This series will explore these questions. If you are looking for a new date calculation, you’ll be disappointed, but if you’d like to learn how to handle the Book of Revelation carefully and correctly, then do come and join us.

Richard Bentley has been Pastor of Bodmin Road Church for 23 years and has been a speaker at numerous New Wine Summer Conferences. He has a first in Maths & Physics from Leeds University and a Cambridge Diploma in Theology. Richard is passionate about communicating a thoughtful Evangelical theology which avoids the sometimes clichéd and simplistic answers of our inherited evangelical culture.


Final session for 2019:           

Sunday 10 November 6.30 - 8.15 pm

(with a break for refreshments)

Bodmin Road Church, Padstow Close, Bransholme HU7 4HE

(There is ample parking outside the church)

   The Colours of Heaven

      - a  service of Worship and Reflection

What people said about the previous series
The Bodmin Road series is already life changing for us at this point in our walk with God. It’s a fantastic opportunity to dig deeper into the big picture of the Bible, learning together with Christians from all over the area, delivered by a passionate and easy to understand speaker. We would recommend this for any-one who wants a better understanding of how the Bible fits together. We have decided to make this series a priority for our growth this year.”

“Inspiring, feeding, challenging and uplifting.”