2020 Series

Strange Scriptures

Grappling with the Old Testament

in the 21st  Century

Rev Richard Bentley

As you would expect, the April session of Bible Extra 2020 is CANCELLED.

We will keep you informed as to when Bible Extra might resume.

We are in the process of uploading all the talks and slides from previous years to this site.

Currently this year's series to date and all 2016 and 2019 sessions are available. The remaining years will be available soon. 

In the meantime, if you are interested, Richard Bentley is posting 3 ten-minute talks every week on the Bodmin Road website, working through Romans 8. You can access these at:



Many Christians struggle with the Old Testament. God, in the Old Testament, sometimes appears to be a bit different from Jesus and we can wonder if it’s really the same person. Some stories appear fantastical and unscientific - did the sun really stand still so that Joshua could have more daylight hours for killing Amorites? Other stories provide great ammunition for atheists - Dawkins makes a great deal of the story of God telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. And some stories just sound very strange to our ears and far removed from life in Hull on a Monday morning - how are we to understand Jacob wrestling with an angel? Often, the result is that we lose our confidence in Scripture. How can this possibly be God’s Word?This Series aims to tackle those difficulties head on. It will help us to hold on to our confidence in the inspired Word of God and get the best from it, without tying ourselves in knots over some of the stranger stories and expressions. If you have ever been asked how you can possibly believe the Old Testament, then this Series is for you.

Richard Bentley has been Pastor of Bodmin Road Church for 24 years and has been a speaker at numerous New Wine Summer Conferences. He has a first in Maths & Physics from Leeds University and a Cambridge Diploma in Theology. Richard is passionate about communicating a thoughtful Evangelical theology which avoids the sometimes clichéd and simplistic answers of our inherited evangelical culture.

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