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What is Bible Extra?

Bible Extra takes place once a month on a Sunday evening at Bodmin Road Church. The aim is to bring in-depth but accessible and relevant Biblical teaching on a range of topics, providing a valuable resource for Christians that complements what it is usually possible in local churches. Hence the strap-line 

Food Supplements for Hungry Christians

Each evening there are two 45-minute seminars separated by a coffee break and usually rounded off with a hymn.


Currently 50+ people gather from across the city and region, from at least 15 different churches, reflecting the truly non-denominational spirit of Bible Extra.  

This year's programme in downloadable/printable format is available here.   Recordings and slides from this and previous years are available here.

History  Bible Extra in its present form owes its origin to a biannual series of in-depth Bible teaching courses run by Paul Davies for over 17 years, and subsequently a variety of speakers, over four or five Monday evenings in May and October in St Mary's Church Hall, Beverley or Cherry Burton Church Parish centre, with topics ranging from Ezekiel and Isaiah through to Mark, Acts, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians and 1 John in the NT.

In 2016 the first of the monthly Sunday evening series was launched as a bolt on to Bible Extra, and presented by Richard Bentley at Bodmin Road Church under the title Bible Extra EXTRA.  Last year, since the twice yearly Monday Bible Extra Series had been discontinued, the monthly Sunday evening series now assumes the title Bible Extra.


Organisation  Currently Bible Extra is planned and organised by Richard Bentley in conjunction with a small steering committee.

Steering Committee

Rev Richard Bentley     

Chris & Lorna Blowers 

Nigel & Mary Cutland 

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