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2020 Series: Strange Scriptures

Grappling with the Old Testament in the 21st Century



Week 4 (April

(a) No Looking Back - Sodom & Gomorrah


(b) No Laughing Matter - The sacrifice of Isaac

Week 5 (May)

(a) Snakes and Ladders - Jacob at Bethel

(b) No Holds Barred - Jacob wrestles an angel

Week 6 (June)

(a) Word on the Street - The doctrine of inspiration and its implications

(b) The Day the Sun Stood Still - Miracles in the Exodus and Conquest

Week 7 (July)

(a) Fit for a King! - Israelite Lingship and God's choice of Saul

(b) Meaningless, Meaningless - Understanding Ecclesiastes

Week 8 (September)

(a) Look Away Now - Moses meeting God

(b) Prophet at a Loss - Elijah and the still small voice

Week 9 (October)

(a) Big Fish - Jonah and the whale

(b) Behind You! - The story of Job


Week 10 (November)


(a) Is God a Monster? - God and Genocide in the OT


(b) Director of Lightening Bolts - The OT theology of causation and providence


The OT in overview -
The making of the OT -

Week 1 (January)


(a) A Book Full of Stories - The OT in overview                       


(b) The Story of the Story - the making of the OT         

The creation stories -
The fall -


Week 2 (February)


(a) Would You Adam and Eve it - The creation stories


(b) Forbidden Fruit - The Fall

The Flood -
The Tower of Babel -

Week 3 (March) 


(a) Who Built the Ark - The Flood


(b) Je ne Comprends pas! - The tower of Babel

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